Language and Little Ones Project

Babies are language sponges! Well before they begin speaking, they begin to understand and absorb language. Through music, play and book activities utilized in each of our classes, you will learn evidenced-based techniques to engage your child and empower them with the gift of communication. Most importantly, you will learn how to bring these skills home and apply them to your daily routines. Each class is facilitated by a licensed Speech-Language Pathologist and is appropriate for parents/caregivers and children 3 - 18 months old or who have fewer than 50 words.  Classes run for 40-minutes each and the cost for the 6-week session is $480. Please contact us for more detailed information. 

You will learn all about:

  • Verbal routines: Verbal Routines are words that are repeated during a predictable activity. By using verbal routines throughout your daily activities (e.g., diaper changes, bath time, bedtime, mealtime, story time) and during play, you will keep your child engaged and help them recognize, anticipate and say words. You will also learn signs to highlight key vocabulary.

  • Why I love songs: You will learn my favorite songs and why they are great for facilitating bonding and cognitive-language development.

  • Why I love books: It is great to read read read with your child! But addressing pre-literacy skills doesn’t always mean just reading the words off the page. Ill show you why I love specific books and how they facilitate development.

  • Language strategies: We will review various specific evidence-based language strategies you can use throughout the day.


Teaching our Toddlers Speech Project

Our TOTS Project is a class, for a maximum of five kids, ages 20- to 30-months-old, that uses a classroom setting and developmentally-appropriate activities to create a language rich environment, all while getting your little one ready for a pre-school setting. Through songs, games and other types of group play, your child will be exposed to specific language goals each week. Home programs will be provided to help you target language development at home during every day tasks. Our six week curriculum is facilitated by both a licensed SLP and a speech grad student. Caregivers are expected to be present. TOTS Project is appropriate for typically developing children and will help boost their current speech and language skills. Classes run for an hour and each 6-week session is $750. Please contact us for more detailed information.

Examples of weekly goals incude:

  • labeling emotions

  • using simple prepositions (on, in off)

  • learning early pronouns (me, my, your)

  • production of 2-word phrases


Pragmatics and Language Skills Project

Our PALS Project is a class, for a maximum of 5 kids of similar ages and skills (from preschool-aged through elementary-aged), that focuses on building age-appropriate social and language skills, while strengthening conflict-resolution abilities. Our six week curriculum, focuses on creating a safe and fun space for your children to learn. Each class is facilitated by two speech-language pathologists and is drop-off.  Classes run for an hour and each 6-week session is $750. Please contact us for more detailed information.

Weekly sessions will focus on advancing your child's abilities to:

  • play with others

  • use descriptive language

  • relay personal narratives and tell stories

  • problem solve and resolve conflicts