Marble Run Race Coaster Set

Definitely one of the favorites in our office. This marble run set can be used in so many ways, including taking turns adding on pieces, problem solving and answering questions. This game will last you for years and can be used by kids of all ages. You won't be sorry!

Guess Who?

Open the box to a game perfect for deductive reasoning skills, since the way to win is to keep track of characters using the process of elimination. Can expand the way it's used for articulation, by requiring the questions be asked in a pre-determined phrase, such as "Does your person have ____________?" or "Is your person ____________?" Both questions will cover R, S and Z sounds.


We use Hedbanz to target language skills like categorization, asking questions and deductive reasoning. The basic premise is that everyone wears a headband with a picture on it. Players take turns asking each other questions to collect clues and guess the picture on their headband. There are so many ways to tweak this game to cover lots of speech and language goals, but play it at home for family fun.


Perfect for being out and about, Rat-A-Tat-Cat helps teach your child strategy skills, while working on basic addition. Great game for restaurants instead of devices!

Stack Up!

A multi-level game for different ages, Stack Up! teaches team work, color matching and hand-eye coordination while working together with other players to stack blocks without using their hands! 


Hulabaloo is crazy fun and a great way to get your child up and moving around. The game calls out colors, shapes and other categories for the players to jump around to. Works on categorization and following directions and we've yet to meet a child who doesn't love it.

Pop Up Pirate

Push the swords into the slots until the pirate POPS up into the air. We use the game for a whole host of things including articulation, where each turn is accompanied by the player saying, "Pop up ______," choosing a word that starts with the target sound. Game can be played with mixed ages and can be used at just a general motivator.

The Ladybug Game

Created by a six-year-old, this game is way more fun than Candy Land. Perfect as a first board game, as there is no reading required. Teaches one-to-one correlation, but counting your way forwards and backwards around the board. Simple rules with some twists.

Stare! Junior

This award winning game develops memory and concentration, players have 30 seconds to stare at a picture and then answer detailed follow up questions about the image in order to move their way around the board. Images are crazy fun and will have everyone talking.

Zeus on the Loose

Another great game for on the go play. Add and subtract numbers up to 100 all while learning about basic Greek mythology. Super fun and for 2+ players. Basic reading is necessary.

Sequence for Kids

Another great board game for non-readers and up. Sequence for Kids is a great strategy-building game where you place your chips on the board based on the cards in your hand. Win the game with a sequence of four chips in a row.

Playmobil Police Cruiser

Playmobil is the stuff that dreams are made of. Beautifully crafted, kid-tough toys that are a MUST HAVE for all. We love their vehicles for their realistic qualities and sturdy construction.  It should be noted that some of the sets come with smaller parts that are not appropriate for kids under three, especially those mothers out there!

Playmobil Off-Road SUV